Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Swap Part 2!


Okay so I got to participate in a WONDERFUL opportunity, thanks to shortmama and her wonderful amazing super fun:


I hope that everyone can see the pictures of what my swap partner sent me, they were taken from my cell so keep your fingers crossed:


So the other day I came home and opened my apartment door to find a note from my landlord, they had a package for me in the office.  I very happily skipped over and picked it up.

package 1 see?? this is the package that Chris from Chris’s Corner sent me!

I immediately ripped open the box, opened the box in a nice and gentle manner.  and pulled out all the goodies from inside.

1purple bag this little green number is not only one of my favorite colors, but its a great Idea, I buy the bags to be green but always forget them so not i have one for my purse!!

2sparkleyfrog and the super cute and sparkly green frog wind chime! I LOVE IT!

3yummycandy1 oh! Yummy Chocolate!

4yumycandy2 Times 2!!!

5super cute note card and cookie cutter I love the cookie cuter and the little note that Chris put in, I just felt so special!!

7 cards and notepad I am always writing things down on paper scraps and now I have a cute notepad and some cards too!

8 book on the movie i was wanting to see I had actually JUST seen the preview about 20 min earlier and mentioned I wanted to see the movie, and now I have the Book!!

6 best movie EVER and what can I say? BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!

One of my favorites that I watch all the time!



I had so much fun on this Swap and I definitely want to do something like this again!! So head on over to Shortmama’s and see what the others have swapped!


Kelley said...

what a fun gift box! I loved the swap and will do it again too..

Have a great weekend.

shortmama said...

Ya cant go wrong with chocolate!!!

Chris said...

Glad it made it to you. Hope you enjoy it all. :)

Anonymous said...

This isn't related, BUT,

Hey Jacquie-kins! You should check out my new blog: It’s my poetry. ^_^

Love you!

Your soul friend,

PS I think maybe I should to a swap.

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