Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 Days Of Christmas and A Few Random Thoughts


So Today I got something great in the mail….

Brooke and Gifts 003


That is  the box that my Swap Partner Haley sent me, I spent most of Today (yesterday?) sleeping because I worked from 10pm-8am lol but when I got up at 9pm my dad mentioned I had a package waiting I shrieked and just about tore into it then, but my friend and co-worker Eri called and  we decided that I would open it at work. It just about killed me sitting in the front seat of the car! lol

So I guess from what I understand we are only supposed to open one package at a time… I couldn’t wait so Eri and I opened all of them, let me just say that Haley is like the other half of me!!  I knew I would love everything in the package as soon as I opened it and saw this!

Brooke and Gifts 004

Haley is soo sweet!!  and she wrote in glitter ink, lol that is something I do constantly and drive people insane because I write a sentence or two and switch colors… just like she did!! I knew I was going to LOVE everything because of that!  So even though I've opened all of my presents I am going to write 12 posts so that they all go up Separately lol like they are supposed to be, not Haley said not to open them in any particular order except one, Brooke and Gifts 005

Brooke and Gifts 007

In case you can’t read that it says in Wonderful Glitter Ink, A little something to give you a Christmas gift you’ve never had before… “Let It Snow” 

Now I tore into this and the cry of happiness that came out had the construction workers working at the hotel running in and then watching as we opened the rest lol!! I got this

Brooke and Gifts 006

Haley gave me SNOW!!!! I had been disappointed because it was supposed to snow Monday but didn’t, it was a nice cold 20 degrees but no snow, and I was hoping that we might get some before Christmas, but it looks like we won’t, I love how Haley sent me snow! I plan on going home and making it snow all over lol.

Hopefully she gets the box I sent her soon too!!!


So I can’t wait to get to the next Wonderful present she sent!! Tune back in tomorrow for day 11!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

1 comment:

~Haley~ said...

Yayyyyyy!!!! I knewwwww that one was going to be a hit! I'm glad you liked everything... I wonder if I will be able to contain myself to opening one a day or not... Hmmmm!

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