Friday, September 17, 2010

Forever and A Day


Okay so once again it’s been forever and a day from the last time I posted.

My mother and Father have come to an agreement on visitation rights and child support so that is a good thing. We will see how long my mother sticks to it.


So this week has been hectic for me.  lol On Sunday I came to work and was informed of some interesting things that had happened during the night shift,

One guest put his girlfriend through the window of their hotel room, the police were called, but by the time they arrived the couple had vanished, only THEY CAME BACK!!! Apparently they had forgotten their ummm smoking material of choice (its green and grows and is illegal except in California lol) so they figured the logical thing to do would be to come back and get it! then they argued in the car about who would go into the room and get it, while they were arguing the police had enough time to come back and surround them. they were arrested of course, but the night wasn’t over.

while this was going on one of our regulars was coming back from his nightly partying and was drunker than a skunk, he pulled up to the chief of police’s car and informed him that he needed to move the squad car as the gentleman (and I use that term lightly) wished to park in that particular spot, the chief of police said no, and the guest pulled up to the car, then he was informed that he should back away from the car, the guest couldn’t put his car in reverse and HIT the chief of police’s squad car… of course leading to an impound and jail.

God I LOVE my job! lol

I need to figure out what to wear for Halloween, I was informed we could wear tasteful costumes to work so I need one! Any ideas?

I promise promise promise to write more often!!



Your job does sound like their is a lot of excitement. Hopefully, you are not in danger at any point.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Wow - now that's a crazy day at work!

Jul said...

Definitely sounds like an entertaining job!

Crossed Fingers said...

Wow - at least it's never dull and boring at work right?

ICLW #115

Sandra said...

Wow! Crazy night. And it wasn't even the full moon yet, so they can't blame it in that. lol


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