Saturday, October 20, 2012

Swapoween Reveal!!

I had such an amazing time this year with the Swapoween, this year there were an odd number of people who signed up so we all got to do basically a secret swap! My package was sent from Mary!


It was wrapped up so pretty!! And Mary included a card that was adorable!



I don’t know HOW Mary knew I adored tumblers but I LOVE them! And this one with the cute skull detail is perfect for Halloween!  Mary says she loves them too!


Inside my Tumbler was some yummy flavored drink mixes, perfect for me because  I am trying so hard to drink more water!


you can kinda see the color in the photo above but this is a GEORGOUS silver polish! I love nail polish so this was a perfect gift.


Okay How cute is this pumpkin? I agree with Mary, it is not fall with out awesome decorations and guess what? She MADE this!! I love it, and wish I was as talented!


Socks and Mittens, this are so soft and just my style! Plus these mittens are great when I go to work at 5:30 and it’s still chilly out!


How cute are these skull earrings? Perfect for Halloween!


And these window clings are amazing! I love them, SO Cute, plus No Spiders!!

Unfortunately I wasn't;t able to get some pictures of some of the things she sent me because I opened the box on my way back from picking my sister up and by the time we finished the 2 hour drive she had pretty much demolished the Candy Corn (my all-time favorite fall candy!) The skittles, Twizzlers, dum-dum lollypops, Mike and Ikes and the sour candy! But Those are all Mary’s favorites and She has great taste because they are mine too!!


Mary said...

Yay! I am so happy you liked your stuff! Mmmm candy!!! haha

becca said...

wow love you got some cool stuff

Jessica G. said...

Great swap swag! Love those skull earrings!

Beth W said...

YAY! You and Mary are so similar in taste, I'm glad she was able to find stuff without spiders for you. :) What a great package! Thanks for participating in the swap with us this year. :D

Miss Angie said...

Looks like a great package! Thanks for participating!

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