Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wow... is it time already???

First off a response to some comments from my last post:
Keely- I totally have no clue what is going on with blogger. I was happy that I had five followers and then they all went away and now they are back!

Casey- yes my dad is awesome! He is totally the best dad in the world! lol If you ever want I can totally pretend you are Africa!

Okay now to what confuses me... Yesterday was Fat Tuesday! I always forget about these things. I am currently deciding what I am going to give up for Lent. I usually give up soda and candy but with my work and class schedule with out my soda I won't be awake for class. So I will have to give it serious consideration what I am giving up this year.

Second I did not have a great day. I fell asleep in my car as usual but because I am not used to the new phone I wasn't listening for the new alarm and was late to my history class, it was only about five min but it was late enough. I love History. I am generally good at History. I've never gotten below a B in a History class. I walked in and he is cussing the class out about our tests. I should mention that I asked a friend of mine to take notes while I was out sick for that week with the flu. He said he would but never gave me the notes, also neglected to tell me we had a test the Tuesday I came back. I walked in to a test and was nervous plus I had missed three chapters. So We got our tests back and I got an 18..... yeah it was 18 out of 25 but that is still a 72ish grade and not what I normally make. I had a question so I talked to the professor after class and basically was told he was super disappointed in me and that my test was obviously not the best that I could have done. I promised to better on the next test and was still really upset. (I am slightly a type A person, when I should do things and they don't turn out like I think they should I flip out) So I went to the drive Thru next door. They forgot half my order and when I went around again I was distracted and upset and you know those little poles they have to stop you from hitting the building? Well I hit the pole.... not a good thing.

So For now I am going to sit here and think about what I am doing for lent. Hopefully you guys have had a better day.

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Ginny Marie said...

Oh, no! I hit one of those poles at the drive through at the bank! I hope you have a better day today. I tried to leave you a comment yesterday for Random Thoughts, but stupid Blogger wouldn't let me. I don't know what going on!

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