Monday, February 23, 2009

No Sleep For the Working Girl...

Well We fired the girl who was taking money at the hotel. Which is a good thing for the manager and owner, not so much for me. I am now working her schedule in addition to mine. Which is not fun. I've been working this weekend from 3pm to 7am for the past three days. Great money when I get my check but now I just really want to go to sleep. I realized when I woke up this afternoon that tomorrow is Monday so when I get off work I will o straight to the school parking lot and sleep in the backseat of my car. This would be a good thing I will get three hours of sleep before class starts but I have to finish my Take home test for probability and stats. Honestly it's not gonna happen. I have been looking at the book for over two hours now and I get more confused and tired every time I try.

I get the fun of working audit all week long. Well I should be back to posting more regularly but until then have a good night everyone!

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