Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts!!!

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okay well There is really no introduction for this so I am just going to jump in and go...

Kensei has this obsession with dating Sim video games... why? why do guys obsesses over this. His response when I asked him was 'this one's not totally about dating even though there are dates in it, but I do have one that is strictly about dating people and having them help you make weapons." after sharing this little bit of wisdom the phone became silent except for the beep of his game and my head wondering why do guy obsess over those games???!

I used to have a pretty green van... had horrible gas mileage and was possessed the car fixing place named her Christine after the movie. I miss that car. Before the new place my parents sold her so my mother could get a new car, and passed her old one down, Tori (short for Taurus Jujube named her) was behind in the car payments so now I pay 350 twice a month to catch up... I love Tori but I miss Christine.

EBay.... I am hooked. I thought I had gotten over my addiction and was okay to look at eBay again but found myself trying to bid on things! Things I don't need. Its a shoppers nightmare and heaven all at once.

and in the same line as EBay- Bento Boxes... I am obsessed with them When Jujube stays at my place I make her bento lunches, when she doesn't she calls me and asks for them anyways. she loves them! Daddy not so happy about them but as long as she loves them I am happy and can justify why I spend 30 plus on a tiny little box from Japan.

So I strongly believe that I have failed my math test. I did study and try but the last two problems of a three problem test made no sense to me and so I guessed the answers. I know that I failed and need to do better on test 2.

I have this guy friend I've known forever we used to work together and I was giving the nickname Bunny, because of my bounciness, random jumping from topic to topic and the fact I was (am still am) obsessed with Sailor Moon. He now has EVERY single person that knows both of us at my college calling me Bunny and thinking that it is my real name! I wouldn't mind but he decided that now that He has everyone calling me Bunny he will call me Angel which causes much confusion and annoyance for me because I have to explain.

I think that is all for now, might have some more later!!



Keely said...

Noooo! Don't go down the ebay path!!

A friend of mine had a mother named Bunny. Or at least that's what he thought her name was his entire life, until she passed away and he realized her name was actually "Berniece". Everyone just CALLED her Bunny.

Shangrila said...

I love bento boxes (and lunches)! Have you visited Cooking Cute? Hasn't been updated in a long time, but still chock-full of really cool bento stuff!

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