Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Subscription Share: LootCrate

Today I am going to share a NEW subscription service with you guys, It’s called Loot Crate, (no that is not an affiliate link, I don’t think this company does them, although if they ask how you heard about them and you do sign up please mention me!! )
Loot Crate is a company that sends out a monthly box (like Birchbox and Ipsy,) But it is geek centered!!! For $13.37 + S&H a month they send you a box filled with toys, collectibles and candy!!
They say there is a $40 value in each box,

So I signed Kensei up for a 3 month Subscription and the First box we got was the June Transformers Box!!!
So What Was in it??
Lootcrate and BarkBox June 001
It came in a cute black box and when we opened it I saw some adorable little inside bits, Lootcrate and BarkBox June 004
And this part made me giggle, as a not so proficient gamer myself, even I know this code!! Lootcrate and BarkBox June 022
Lootcrate and BarkBox June 002
Inside the ACTUAL box was some pretty cool things!
Lootcrate and BarkBox June 018A little collectable button with the month and theme on it.
Lootcrate and BarkBox June 006A little Transformer Hex Bug!
Lootcrate and BarkBox June 007Lootcrate and BarkBox June 008
Some MLG Gaming Gear and Stickers. Lootcrate and BarkBox June 009An Autobot Vinyl sticker for the car, (Kensei was NOT happy about this, he is more a decipticons fan. ) Lootcrate and BarkBox June 010Lootcrate and BarkBox June 012
A Decipticon Mystery Toy, He got Thrust.
Lootcrate and BarkBox June 017
AND A Marty McPrime T-Shirt!!!
All in all not a bad deal for 14 + Shipping!!!
If you like getting things like this sign up at Loot Crate now, for July, Use the code SAVE3 and you’ll save $3 off the crate which is way worth it!!

I used to do a monthly link up of these boxes but it seems to be missing in action, do you get a box of some type? would you be willing to link up with me? If so anyone know how to make a button??? Let me know guys!!

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