Tuesday, June 24, 2014

11 Questions!!

I got tagged to do 11 Questions from my AMAZING Books N Bloggers Swap Partner over at Oshiro Design!!

So here they are!!

11 Questions

1. What is your favorite type of cheese?
I am really not to complicated, I ADORE cheddar and American cheese, and Mozzarella of course, but I’ll try just about any kind.

2. What are you excited about?

  • School Starting in August
  • M’s wedding in August
  • Hopefully Relaxing a little bit this month.

3. How did you celebrate your last birthday?
This is going to sound sad, but since I was 7 I really haven’t had a big party or anything. I went to work/school and then Kensei took me to Shogun, I’ve never been there, but sadly the people we were splitting the table with threw a fit about the “Show” so I didn’t get the full experience. Sad smile 

4. What is on your bedside table?
Vicks warm humidifier… that REALLY needs to be cleaned, 6 cups, Kensei’s cheese dips, 4 nail polish bottles and various hair care items.

5. What do you order from the movie theater concession stand?
Coke, no ice. Nachos no jalapeƱos, or popcorn (extra salt and butter)  with sno-caps to put into the popcorn

6. What book are you currently reading?
I honestly haven't started a new one yet.

7. Any summer plans?
Not really. other than going to M’s Wedding in August

8. Which TV couple(s) are you rooting for?
Honestly I am so behind on TV shows I have no clue!

9. What’s the last thing you bought?
Chips and jujubees from Walgreens

10. What is your biggest pet peeve?
people who act like they own the world and everyone should bow down to them!!

11. What are you grateful for this week?
My family, friends, my job and that I woke up today!


I tag everyone!! II ‘d love to see your answers to the questions please leave me a link in the comments!!!

1 comment:

~*Night Owl*~ said...

I love popcorn with extra butter.

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