Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen!!

Thirteen Reason I am going Crazy with no net at work!

1. I can't check my blogs I read

2. Can't write in my own blog

3. Cannot work on the final assignments I have for the classes that are ending next week! (YES!)

4. Cannot change my Netflix

5. Can't watch the netflix online.

6. Have you ever tried to sit for nine hours with NO entertainment??

7. I can only watch so many movies before I get bored.

8. I can't sleep in the car after work because I have to work on the assignments that I should have been able to do at work.

9. I get grumpy on little sleep

10. I have to stay out of the good conversations in the student center because of the fact I am working on those assignments

11. Writing a paper in the hour before class is not conductive to having a good paper.

12. I need to spend the before class time studying

13. Class is over in two weeks so I need to do all this work.

I hope that everyone enjoys this!


Tracey said...

Wow - I know that I would be crazy without internet access! Don't think I even realize how much I depend on it!!

Alice Audrey said...

Well it's better than not having a job, right?

kathi said...

:: mingling ::

Isn't it funny how we don't realize just how much we depend on the 'net for fun, work and support until we are without it for a while??

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