Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Wow... a Whole Week.

It is hard to believe that I went an entire week with out a post but that is what my blog is showing me. I have been very tired this week, working like crazy and with the last official month of school until finals, I then can relax (But only if I pass the evil class of Statistics, (Which most likely will not happen))

So It is Tuesday and that means Randomness!!!

Everyone head over to Keely's Blog to look at more of the random things in people's brains!

First off I tried to use my Cell phone to capture the random thoughts that I had this week. I thought that it was going fine until I erased my txt messages and in the process accidentally erased the drafts that I had save too, aka my randoms. I need a new way to keep up with the random thoughts I have because well, I can't remember them when it is time for me to write my post.

I LOVE Paperbackswap.com I get many awesome books and can send out the ones I don't like (which are few and far between.) But I think that the idea behind it is good.

I regressed this week, back to a child. I bought a bunch of markers, a pack of 50 and 10 were the scented kind. Being me I then printed off a ton of coloring book pages and proceeded to color them while at work. This led me to thinking, was the world one big coloring book with scented markers when it was created? I think so, mainly because of the next random thought

I think God has a sense of humor, I also think that God's Sense of humor is slightly twisted. Now, not twisted in a bad way but twisted as in he/she gets a kick out of things not everyone finds funny. Kind of like British Humor. I love British Humor, put Monty Python on and I will be giggling and full of joy for hours, but if you make my brother watch the same thing he will just look at me and repeat whats so funny about that??

Speaking of..... No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!

I think that the end is the bast part, but if you don't watch the whole thing it really isn't as good.

Which Leads my Brain directly To Mel Brooks!

And Because I had to You Tube those, I felt the need to listen To Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego!

I would have posted that but I decided to stop at two videos. I hope everyone has a good RTT!!


Mary said...

The beauty of having small children, is I get to color and finger paint, and no one looks at me like I'm insane.

Good luck with statistics!

Anonymous said...

So now that you're in college, can you color inside the lines?

Keely said...

Of course god has a sense of humor - look at the platypus! Or the giraffe. Or the way you eliminate bodily waste out of the same place you have sex.

Stargirl said...

Hey! You should try twitter. You can post to twitter from your cell phone. No loosing those random thoughts! Also, I'm sorry you hate statistics. I'm a crazy number nerd, to me it is fun. I wish I could be there to help you out!

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