Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Totally Random Tuesday!!

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In Honor of Keely's Awesomeness, and how her phone has Darth Vader's theme I thought that I would share with you that Kensei wants to have the church playing that or the Imperial March at our wedding before I walk down the isle, I agreed as long as the bride music starts BEFORE they see me.

Now I am going to warn you that this post may be a little disjointed because of a few reasons, I have not had more than 3 hours of sleep in the last three days, I wasn't going to participate today because of that reason, but I had some random thoughts I just had to share.

Yesterday was all about S-E-X. My friend's speech class was given a speech about "How to improve your sex life" I tend to stay away from this topic here, but I figured that I would share the events of yesterday. So of course we discussed this in the student center, which caused an in depth discussion about sex in general, then in math class the professor kept drawing the umm, penises on the board, he wasn't trying to he just really can't draw, and well I am not that mature of a person, the in Psych we had a class all about sex disorders.

on a connecting note WHY do teenage boys feel the need to walk down the street with their hands cupping that area?? Is there a penis snatcher? Does he/she/it sneak up on teenage boys who are not holding their appendage and snap it off??? I seriously considered turning around to get a picture of it but decided that, it might be a little too invasion of privacyish.

I was up again at 4 am this time to make sushi for jujube, she loves it, I figured that if I made eight cups of rice that would be plenty for dad, jujube and air force, plus my class... I was wrong, by the time I got to class I had about 10 pieces left.

After midnight Wal-Mart doesn't ID for cheap wine, I felt kind of bad, either they don't care that late or I look REALLY old. I might eventually post a picture of myself but I doubt it. You might get a video of my voice if I ever get the balls to participate in Blogversations, but unless I find the penis snatcher and buy some I doubt I will.

Speaking of cheap wine I am going to drink a bottle and sleep before my test tomorrow, Have a good night!


♥georgie♥ said...

LOL@penis snatcher...thats too funny!

GreenJello said...

Penis snatcher... LOL!

Keely said...

Hehe, penis snatcher. I don't know why they do that. It IS their most precious possession at that point.

CDB said...

Good call on teh teenage boys.. what is up with that? Perhaps they just made the discovery and it's too exciting to forget.

Funny, all the comments are on the penis snatcher! Hm.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your test! Teenage boys are a breed unto themselves.

Casey said...

I have a dirty mind too so I would have seen the professor's penises on the board. Not the professor's penis, that's an entirely different thing and my dirty mind has NEVER gone there. Get some sleep while you still can.

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