Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

This Thursday Thirteen is all about funny things I have seen online, Warning: My humor is slightly odd, so some of these you might not find as funny as I do.

Poor kitty......

Makes you feel a little bad for them huh??

But I really want to know what does happen

IF only math tests really did work like that.

I know people who do this.

Nothing is very very expensive, doing nothing, working for nothing, ect.

Again if only it really worked like that.

People that I know also do this. I am sorry to all store owners.

I actually sympathize with this in regards to my job.

I don't like Tomato juice... Is it on the list?

It is sad that we as a civilization have come to this.

I use my cell phone like this. But they forgot check for missed calls.

Well at least they are honest


Randilin said...

What a great list.. My favorite have to be Japan and This. I'll be borrowing a few of these for upcoming Wordless Wednesdays.

My own Thursday Thirteen is up at 13 guilty little pleasures.

Anonymous said...


We have the same kind of humor.

An Eerie Tapestry said...

Loved some of them pics, although, like yourself, the phone usage pi chart struck me as astoundingly accurate (I'm always either looking at it for the time or, failing that, charging it).

Malcolm said...

This is a very funny list. I esp. like the "This Will Not End Well" picture. You just know that the guy walking in will be pissed about that lady being in bed with his man.

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