Monday, March 16, 2009


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. I wanted to thank her again for making such a wonderful way to vent and show off our Weeks.!

I did not start work at 11 and work until 7 then proceed to go out to eat and hang around with friends until 1pm when I realized I had to be back at work at three and had no sleep.

I did not help two high schoolers skip school to go to their sister's wedding, DANGEROUSLY close to crossing state lines with minors. Not only would this be wrong, but it is also illegal.

I did not absolve myself of the guilt by saying there was really no reason as I was not the one supposed to drop them off at school that I would be knowing they did not have parental permission or even that they had school!

I did not plan to eat meat at M's Reception as she is not having her official wedding until December, but as I am following traditional Lent for Lent this year eating meat is against my Lentness? (Is that a word?)

M Did not get married this week. and if she did she would not have waited until afterward to tell her parents.

I did not see a completely nude man while working... because if I did the horrifying image would still be in my mind.

I did not completely forget about my psych paper during spring break.

I did not plan to do many things, like clean my room, car, and bathroom, and do my papers, and book reports during spring break, and only do two of the and those two were out of necessity. (clean room and car.)

Hope everyone had a good week!!!!

Manic Monday #159

Are you a saver or spender?

I am a TOTAL spender.. I am trying desperately to become a saver, but I always see something I can't live with out. If anyone has any saving tips please please please pass them on!!!

Do you prefer to walk around barefoot in your home? Socks? Shoes?

I prefer barefoot, I don't like wearing socks or shoes more than I have too, I just don't like the way they feel. Although when I am at Kensei's house I hate having my shoes off, I guess its more of a case of I know what is on my floors vs other people's floors.

Do you talk to yourself?

All the freaking time! I have arguments with myself and entire conversations with myself, and I give myself advice, and reading this as I type I am worried that perhaps I belong in a room with padded walls.

1 comment:

Gil's Wifey said...

haha no I think you're normal! and I hear ya on the socks!

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