Monday, March 30, 2009

This would be where Not Me Monday should be.

I have been participating in Not Me Monday Hosted by the Fabulous McMama. But I am not posting today for a few reasons, One Stellan is not doing well as of the last update, I know that not many people read my blog but those that do please pray for Stellan.

second, well i really haven't done much besides work this week so I do not have many not me's to toss out.

This guy was a general jerk.

On my way to work tonight I YET again passed a mess of police, only this time it was not a manhunt for a criminal but a serious accident. They had closed off all but one lane because of it. Then about two minuets after I got through that road block I pull into our parking lot and see three police cars at the front entrance, One of the VA Patients was upset that another had asked him to come to his room and called the police.

I am going to leave you all with this thought:

What is the world coming to??

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