Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Movies and Lack of Sleep

Well I am currently on the downward spiral of my work shift and then I have two whole nights off Yeah me! I just finished Watching "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" It was a very cute movie I would definitely recommend it to people, but not under 16 there are a lot of adult themes.

I can't wait until Tomorrow, not only do I get to do Thursday 13, BUT Mama Kat came out of her illness with some wonderful prompts! SO I am looking forward to it as well. Hopefully she will be well soon!

I was bored tonight and when I couldn't sleep earlier I watched the wedding channel, for those that don't know it is a Time Warner channel dedicated to wedding shows, I get bored and watch Food, Style, Anything that has a something Channel. It amuses me. But I enjoyed a show about Disney Fairy Tale Weddings, While I would LOVE to have one, I don't think I can come up with 35k plus for my wedding and I doubt that Kensei will agree to a wedding in Disney World.

Kensei and I had a talk about jobs again today. He was telling me about his friend in Basic, I have been wavering between whether I want him in the military or not for a while, When I was in high school I definitely did not, but now especially with the economy they way it is the military looks to be the best job. But Its a moot point because he won't join. He doesn't think he will do well and therefore refuses to consider it. I will need a new job when I move up there, because well, going to need to make money to pay rent.

His Father offered to sign the house over to us when we get married. But, I don't want to live there with his dad until we do, I have seen a lot of friends fall into that trap. None of them enjoy it.

I got a warrant yesterday... Funny story. When my mother moved out to live with her boyfriend two years ago she canceled our insurance policy on our cars, In SC you have to have car insurance. My dad and I did not know this until he went to renew our tags 8 months after, by then we had over $1,000 in fees on each car to pay before we could renew the tags. I didn't know this and ended up in front of a police officer one night on my way home from work. He pulled me over for the tags and wrote me a $200 ticket. My dad said he would take care of it and I forgot about it. Apparently he never paid it because the friendly Deputy was waiting when I got home from class to give me a letter.

I am paying it tomorrow (Thank God I got paid today) but still not a good surprise!

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday! See you all tomorrow.


Laufa said...

I bet you freaking out just a little to find an officer on your doorstep. I would have. More like who died, not what did I do.

mrsbear said...

Wow, glad you're taking care of the ticket now. When I worked at the county courthouse a traffic warrant would get you arrested, I'm sure you would've been even angrier if you'd had to spend the night in county jail. Yuck. Thanks for coming by and commenting.

Sprite's Keeper said...

I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall on Saturday and loved it! It had everything! Comedy, romance, and Paul Rudd!

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