Thursday, March 12, 2009

Writer's Workshop!

Every Week Mama Kat gives us wonderful prompts to make us think and keep the creative juices flowing this week mine is:

3.) The one that got away....spill it.

Well, The one that go away, If I see him in my memory its kind of like he almost sparkles, (Think the Vampires in the movie Twilight only less glittery)

He had Big baby blue eyes, and sandy brown hair, and charm that almost oozed off of him. No one was really sure why he was so irresistible to us girls but he was. I met him at the Cracker Barrel, when my mother and I were night fighting we would skip church on Sunday and go for breakfast, he was the busboy. I was fourteen he was seventeen, I would turn bright red and gulp my coke down as I watched him out of the corner of my eye. He would smile and flirt a little, the little blond waitress was always angry when we came in. I asked a friend that worked there to give him my number in a bit of a panicked state once. I

never thought he would call. I wasn't (In my opinion) the cutest girl in the world. He called, I was breathless as I waited to see what he would say he asked me to the movies and dinner. My parents dropped me off. We walked next door to the Pizza hut and had pizza, and then before the movie he took me up the service hill behind the theater, It was super dark and all that was there was stars, he sat down next to me on a fallen log and gave me my first kiss under the stars. It was romantic and sweet. We saw Castaway, I jumped and hid my face through parts of the movie and he laughed. He had a country laugh, full of sunlight and strong. We had a summer romance, and after school started he just never called. So I told my friends all about him embellishing Grease Style. He was at a reform school so I didn't think I would see him again after he stopped working at the Cracker Barrel.

I was sitting in the cafeteria of my school listening to my friend Scarlett talk when all the sudden she stopped and smiled, it was her ohhh... cute boy smile. I didn't bother turning around, because when boys see Scarlett they don't see me, so I was shocked when someone covered my eyes and said "Guess who?" It was him. My first boyfriend, and my first love! I was shocked. He went to go get food, and Scarlett insisted I tell her who he was. I did, in a hushed tone and he sat with us at lunch. Later, he pulled me aside and asked if I would hook him up with her, so I did. and That's how it became I was his best friend, and hooked him up with all of my friends. Never changed. He still is like that.

That old movie theater is a funeral home now, the hill behind it demolished for construction. I asked him once why he never tried anything, or even tried to get back together with me, (I was drunk at the time, the only reason I asked) He said it was because, I was sweet, and the only best friend he ever had, he didn't want to mess that up or be the one who made me stop believing in Fairy Tales, which probably would have happened, he never could say faithful to one girl.

So now he has a baby on the way and I am engaged, but sometimes I wonder what would have happened, and what ifs, while nice can be dangerous.


Sometimes Sophia said...

He sounds like a great guy who knew his own limitations. How good of him not to take advantage of you when you were 14. It would have been so easy. And you fulfilled his need by being a good friend. He valued you and knew your relationship would last longer that way.

As for a baby on the way... if it had been you, you never would have made it through college. You will have so many more opportunities as a graduate, and eventually you will find the right guy. Enjoy your freedom, because after you have a child your life is never your own.

The Governor said...

How fun to think of loves past. Great story!

*mingle mingle*

Bev Sykes said...

Ahhh...those "what ifs" that haunt us!

Mingling here.

April said...

Sounds like you got the good part of him. Sometimes being the best friend is just best.

Summer said...

Awwww...what a good story. I was captivated!

Namine said...

good story. glad your friends

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