Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Break.

So this past week was spring break. Unlike most college kids, I did not abandon my life for Mexico, Florida, Cancun, The Bahamas, Japan, or California. (Yes I have friends who went to each of these.) I stayed home and worked. I would like to say that I enjoyed my Spring Break, but sadly that would be a lie. Although, in Spring Break Tradition I did see a naked man (not by intention, or enjoyable) More on that later.

M (who just started at my work) took the week off, so I worked all week long, with the one day off for her wedding. It was beautiful, sweet, adorable, and everyone laughed the entire time, great right? Because of the fact she was off though, my ONLY day off this week was spent at her wedding instead of doing one of the MANY things I needed to get done.

Kensei is super excited about the fact that he might go to Las Vegas, so excited in fact he asked me to come up and see him this summer as well. Odd for him but I will see. Of course I am slightly mad over the fact he is comparing my weight to his now. He gained a lot during the time he was jobless, and is trying to get back in shape, but I don't need to be compared to his weight, I am self-conscious enough as it is.

So lets get to the only thing close to what is supposed to happen on Spring Break that did. I saw a naked guy. Last night while working my shift an older gentleman, I would say late 50s came to the front desk. "I don't have an alarm clock and my phone doesn't work how can I get a wake up?" he asked, I smiled and told him I would be more than happy to knock on his door at 4:30 am for him. He was happy and went to bed. At 430 I went up there and knocked. He answered the door NAKED!!!! Then asked me if I wanted to come in. I said no and fled back to the safety of the front desk. I prayed that the girl relieving me would be on time so I wouldn't have to see him, she wasn't and I did. He tried to joke it off and made comments like "I bet you get dirty old men hitting on you all the time," and "If I come back can you give me another wake up call?" I handed him his receipt and jumped for joy when the girl relieving me walked in 45 min late.

Some weeks are just stranger than others I suppose. How was everyone else's week? Any other odd things happen?

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Mamarazzi said...

OH no!! that is NOT a good way to start the day...poor you!

I just wanted to stop in and thank you for following my blog. I am trying to visit everyone who just started following. I also wanted to remind you that I do a monthly drawing for fun prizes EXCLUSIVELY from my list of followers. Yep, that’s how I roll...a chance for prizes just for following. Looking forward to your next visit, I appreciate you!

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