Thursday, March 05, 2009

Zombies and Lack of Sleep

So Kensei was not a happy camper last night, it is hard to believe he is 26, (Yes as of yesterday 26) sometimes. He does not, under any circumstances like his day of birth. Not the day in general, but the representative event that happened. This is the complete opposite of me. When my birthday rolls around everyone knows, and has known for over a month. They also know what I want, whether or not i am working, and if Kensei is coming to visit. Kensei was mad that I wished him a happy one when he had actually forgotten the day was his birthday, Is that a guy thing, or just a non Angel thing?

SO after his 'Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day' we were talking he was again not a happy camper but I was going to let him have his PMSy moment. Then he made some comment about the characters on a show he was watching getting married. OH! He was watching Futurama where Fry and Leila get married! I made a comment that I just wanted to be asked. Okay bad move, he was not in a good mood so non thinking comments not good, the silence was telling, so I quickly amended with "Not that I am saying you should or anything." more crickets and he went "so you want someone else to ask?" open mouth insert foot. "No! I mean I want you to ask but I am not saying anything. Although if Harrison Ford asked then you might have some competition." apparently he wasn't in a joking mood, but a few minutes later he responded with "No just any old celebrity will do." I should know not to argue but something in me asked him like who, so I got a list.

"Sean Connery, Harrison Ford,
Pierce Brosnan, Patrick Swayze, Clark Gable." (Now come on who wouldn't want any of these guys) but i had to make a comment, "I would not say yes to any old actor who asked me to marry them, Even Clark Gable, I mean besides the fact he's dead, Maybe if he wasn't dead, but then he'd be a Zombie and I would have to say no." (don't judge I was sleepy.)

So Now that you know what do you think? Would you marry an old celebrity? For they guys think along the lines of Judy Garland, Doris Day, Jennifer Grey ect) Even if they were a Zombie? I am just curious about this one.

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Malcolm said...

You think that Jennifer Grey is an old celebrity? I hope she doesn't read this because nobody puts baby in an old folks home. :-)

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