Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Time FOR...................Thursday 13!!!!

Well I was check my things people have searched for and well some made sense some didn't. But here is the top thirteen oddest, most interesting, strangely spelled etc searches that have brought up my page. Now these were LITERALLY Cut and Paste off of Google Webmaster Tools, If anyone knows of any other places that will tell you this let me know!

1.working for imagination

2. do i love you my god if your love were a grain of sand mine would be a universe of beaches

3. goodnight girl

4. angel rain

5. dean martin "ain t" that a kick in the head

6. angel i love college

7. powerball numbers "3 04 2009" (This one I am REALLY not sure about because well I don't think I ever wrote about the Powerball and it said it was a 75% chance of finding my blog)

8. "tag your friends" "most likely"

9. angel sicks

10. caffreine

11. majoring in wedding planning

12. College EDucation of Major Minorities (This is another strange one, I am not considered a minority.. I don't think)

13. NEWS Hotel Call Girls (news okay, hotel yes, call girls???? not that I know of....)

Head Over To Thursday 13 and see some of the Amazing and Wonderful 13 lists people have!!!


anthonynorth said...

Search engine results can certainly be strange.

My T-13

The Governor said...

I love the google search references. I often think they're somebody at google's way of being funny.


Julie said...

oh...thursday 13 is a weekly meme, maybe I should do one too!

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