Sunday, August 30, 2009

La Clase De Espanol

Ah last night I dreamed in Spanish. I made a high f in Spanish 122 last semester, so I had to take it again to transfer to my new school. I signed up and was all ready to go when I realized that the same professor would be teaching it yet again. This would be okay, but no female has ever made higher than a D in his class, and D's don't count or transfer. I walked in and was immediately singled out as one of the 15 people who were retaking his class (out of 20) and he stuck me in the front row. Not my happiest day.

So I decided to study with two friends who were also retaking and we went over a lot of Spanish last night. I got home at midnight and went to sleep so I could be here bright and early at 6 am and dreamed entirely in Spanish. At one point dream me pulled a stunt out of Wizards of Waverly Place the movie and asked for subtitles, I got them, but they were in Spanish.

Wish me luck with this one k?

1 comment:

otin said...

Teacher sounds like a dick! Good luck!

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