Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dear So and So: The Gripe Edition

Dear So and So...

Dear Reader's:

Thanks ever so much for putting up with my whining and griping and venting for the last little bit and for those of you who asked about Pocky, because typing that post made me smile.


Dear Girl who works after my shift:

WTF??? You scream and cry and plead and beg to get weekends off, so Bossman gives you two off a month (that two more than I get) and then you decide that you don't like having to work Mon-Thurs to get the weekend off??? SO now that school is starting and I have my class schedule planed around the hours you were supposed to be having me work so you could get weekends off you friggin change your mine??? WTF???


Dear AIT Military Personnel:

I know that AIT and Basic must suck. You get yelled at and they are mean and you have to eat really fast. I am sorry you can not go anywhere with out a buddy. I am also sorry that half of you are to young to even drink your sorrows away. BUT that sympathy doesn't give you the right to tie bedsheets into a rope and repel down my hotel, or does it give you the right to give 10 18, 19 and 20 year olds enough alcohol to poison a cow, and then laugh as they make a mess of my lobby. It definitely doesn't give you the right to laugh when I ask who supplied them and then hand you a mop and bucket, nor is it a good idea to trash your rooms and SET THE BED ON FIRE epically because I have you credit cards on file (BTW That $700 charge is cheap considering you smoked in two non-smoking rooms, set the bed on fire, broke a mirror and left smashed beer bottles all over the floor. I think bossman let you off easy) And I did find it freaking hilarious when after I tried to get you to clean up your mess and you laughed, the police came by and forced you too.

The girl who will NOT be renting you rooms next week!

Dear Freaking bug that keeps biting the back of my neck:



otin said...

HAHAHA! I talk to bugs also!!!!

Big Mama Cass said...

hahaha those were good... the bug one had me rollin tho! lol

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