Friday, August 14, 2009

ER part two

Captain because you seemed so sad here is part two!

So When I left you all I was in the Ambulance on the way to the hospital, which is actually only about 15 min from where I lived at the time, good right? Only their X-ray machine was out. So the EMC (i think that's what they are called... or maybe that's a DJ.... i don't know) called the other hospital forty min away to see if theirs was up, it was but the expressway was closed because of a bad car accident, so we took the long way, which is a dirt road... a dirt road people... my leg was hanging in air bouncing every second causing screams to erupt like mount Vesuvius.

On a lighter note, my cell phone didn't stop ringing until dreamy eyes finally answered it with a gruff "she'll call you back later" and turned it off... I had some explaining to do after that one. Eventually Dreamy eyes realised the dying cat sounds were coming from me and had his partner hold my leg, this didn't help much now along with every bump in the road I felt extra weight too.

We finally got to the hospital and into the ER I told Dreamy that I wanted pills, shots, IVS, Drugs of any shape and form. He laughed it off but when the other guy wheeling me slammed my leg in the door he agreed as soon as the doc checked me out.

I lay in the ER for a good 30-40 before being looked at a few more doors hit me and I said some words even I am ashamed to have passed my lips, and eventually it was decided that I broke my leg in three places and (here's the gross part) pulled the ankle off both bones completely. There were torn and ripped and pulled everything, but no one told me this because my parents had been waiting at the other hospital for me until they were told I had been moved and the Doc decided to not tell me a thing till they got there.

I got an ER cast and an appointment for a specialist for two weeks later. An ER cast is roughly some Plaster and some gauze, basically a VERY expensive splint. I went home lay on the couch and took the strong pills, only to awaken the next morning with a note from my parents saying they had left for their vacation at the beach with Air force and Jujube and that people would be by to feed me open the garage door when they came.

So for two weeks I sat on the couch with the ER cast and had lunch and dinner, no TV because even though it was right in front of me the remote was broken and the ER hadn't given me crutches.

So that is the ER story I can continue on with what happened if you all would like or not.

Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

OMG that is horrible! how long did you have to wear a cast? Did you see a specialist?

Captain Dumbass said...

Ew! I had to ask. Pulled from your bones?!?!

Sam_I_am said...

wow, that really sucks. How is your leg now?

SSP said...

and you have diabetes too??? how did THAT wonk everything up??

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