Saturday, August 22, 2009


Well a lot of people expressed curiosity about the most wonderful dessert, snack in the world! (Well one anyways) So I decided to post this for you guys!

Pocky is a wonderful candy, its not even really a candy, the first time I tried it it reminded me of Dunk-A-Roos. Basically It is a cookie stick that is dipped in icing of various flavors. Very simple. I love most of them there are a few flavors I am not fond of but that is just me.

This is a milk tea flavor, I do enjoy this one it is really sweet with kind of a honey taste. It is also one of the ones I find a little cheaper at the Asian Food Stores and at the World's Market.

The only Flavor I love more is the orange Flavor, I love this one If I am not careful I could eat this every day!

One of the only flavors I don't actually like, I do enjoy green tea but this flavor to me was not good at all!

So now that I have introduced you to Pocky I hope you will go to an Asian store and check some out they really are very good, and the boxes actually come in little packets of three or four so they are great in kids lunches Jujube gets them in hers all the time!


otin said...

Reminds me of those pioroette(That is not how you spell them) cookies! I love them!

Big Mama Cass said...

they look good but there is no asian store here in my town :(

larry said...

Great post!!! Check out, that's where I get my Pocky. They have a Cookie Crush Pocky that is like Oreo's dipped in chocolate. They are amazing!

Lavender Luz said...

I lived in Japan for a year and these were staples! Thanks for the terrific memory!

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