Sunday, August 16, 2009

Inappropriate Giggles

Have you ever just randomly had an image pop into your head while discussing something serious? And then felt the insane urge to laugh out loud??

I was talking with a guest at the hotel this morning and she was telling me her concerns about her room. She was talking about things we know of but honestly without money from the owner can do nothing to fix.

She complained about the fact that there is no AC in the lobby, the showers all leak, the housekeepers are not the best, but then she said something that made me want to giggle.

Here's a Little Back story:

Our Owner canceled all of our pest control because he thinks "It can be done better and cheaper by the staff"

Well perhaps but we have WAY to many roaches and bugs and mice to handle on our own. So when this guest started telling me about the Bad Bugs in her room. I knew that she meant the amount and still the image of a bunch of Palmetto Bugs, and Roaches in leather jackets with knives appeared in my head and every time she said how bad, or nasty they were I just kept seeing them fighting with each other West Side Story Style over turf.

I was able to keep a straight face and I know my brain ripped that image off of TV because I am not the creative, but after she left I remembered a conversation that I had with one of the other Desk Clerks, It was after we found a roach in the cash drawer, one that was angry we disturbed it's sleep.

She made the comment they were overrunning the hotel and I joking replied that One day we would walk in for a shift and find out we were relieving the roaches. So not only do I have Fighting gangs of bugs in my head but I also have huge ones working the front desk and being all "Hi! Welcome to X hotel!"

Does this happen to anyone else?


Anonymous said...

ummm... NO... and thank god! please let me know which hotel this is so I never ever ever ever ever ever EVER go there! k? haha


Walter said...

It has happened to me also. Sometimes it's nice to hear some silly stories, it provides me a dose of good laugh. :-)

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