Saturday, October 02, 2010

Life Or Something Like It..


So I am waiting on Insurance acceptance or denial, I am crossing my fingers that I get accepted, even though 150 a month is a little high, I need my insurance.


So Penni (my puppy) did the cutest thing yesterday, I was cleaning the kitchen (which is rare I hate cleaning) and my phone was ringing in my room, she ran into the room and brought me my phone I thought it was SOO Cute!


I am horrible on the weekends, I watch WE TV and all the wedding shows, I am seriously starting to hear my clock tick, and my family isn’t helping. Have you ever seen The Nanny? Her mother is mine, with the why aren’t you married with babies by now bit anyways.


I can’t wait for Halloween I am hoping to get a cute costume, I can even wear it to work!

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