Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So I am not here today. lol this is not a recording though! I am a member of 20 something bloggers, great place to be a member of! They have a thing they do every now and then where you swap blogs with someone for a day. Now my partner and I are a little late, but here is her post! Melissa is a great blogger, and I’ve loved reading her blog from the start of our swap! You should definitely check her out over at Wrong for all the Right Reasons! I should have a post up over there soon too!!  So now on to Melissa!


Good morning, Class. My name is Melissa and this is what I did with my summer vacation….Wait. Vacation. No I didn’t take one of those. I mean, I didn’t attend any of my grad classes. You see, class. I’m a graduate student which automatically means that all the fun is sucked out of my life for nine months of the year anyways. Then I spend the other three months trying to soak up as much free time as possible. I’m not bitter.

But really, I suppose I should be thankful I just get summers off. Well…if by off you mean working three jobs to pay for all the shoes I have, then yes. I had a few fun trips planned. But those didn’t really pan out. It mostly ended up being me working at my art museum job 5 days a week. Then cramming my 2nd and 3rd jobs in on the weekends.

In addition to hanging around Picasso all day, I began screening newborns ears at the hospital. It’s a process which sounds adorable, until you get spit up on. Less cute than the newborns, of course were the older Adults I taught as I taught them the importance of English Composition. They were only slightly more patient the newborns.

You see, I don’t mind working. I’m actually very good at it. But at some point I forgot to take a break this summer and the next thing I knew. I was purchasing my books for the fall semester. Bummer.

I study French. One of my goals is to teach English as a foreign language. I love everything about French Culture. And one of the sayings translated to English rings true. “Don’t live to work. Work to live.” It’s a saying I completely ignored this summer.

So in short class, I am cancelling you today and I am going to read a non-academic book , drink a glass of wine, and dance like nobody’s watching. Go do something fun today.

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