Sunday, March 18, 2012

Love VoxBox

I got my Love Voxbox from Influenster. Are you on it? You should be. is a site that you rate things, earn pages and if they select you, then you get a box, filled with free goodies. AND it is all FREE!! I got my Love voxbox in the mail and couldn’t wait to get it open! 003

I love when the boxes look amazing! And when I opened it I saw a TON of goodies!


First thing out  of the box were this Kiss Nail Dress Nail Strips and mine were in a kind of pink and white Jeweled Zebra Pattern, They retail at $6-8 depending on the store and I LOVED them!


Then I got a Gillette Venus Razor, with Olay Strips. I already LOVE Venus razors and this one looked great!


Then I got something I had to try out right away. I got a tea sampler from Stash Tea and some Sweetener from Truvia. I have been debating on trying Truvia for a while now but hadn’t had the chance to pick any up, and I love all kinds of tea. 007008

It came with a card showing what was supposed to be in the VoxBox, unfortunately I was missing one of the items, I was also supposed to get a  Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar but there wasn’t one. Sad smile 




Anonymous said...

I just got my first voxbox, too!! I read somewhere that if you don't get a certain badge, you don't get a certain item in your box...if you've gotten all your badges, i'd probably shoot them an email. the nail package you got is super cute!!

Ashley said...

Wow! I've never heard of this...but it sounds pretty great!

Sami said...

Looks interesting.. I am stopping by and now following.. Cute blog and can't wait to read more..


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