Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Who Do I Look Like??

A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers


I honestly have no clue. My Best friend M is a dead ringer for Jessica Alba, but I’ve never found a Celeb I resemble. So I went to this Site, and put in the picture I use most for myself,  and Well here it is… I don’t think so…

So I used a Different picture of myself. Not much Better, This time I only got one match and no where near me

So I did M just to see what the site said.

and her second match is Jessica Alba so I guess its right!! If you can think of someone I look like let me know! I really Want to know!!


becca said...

i di dit with little man's picture said he looked like Meryl Streep

Raven said...

Hey! Thanks so much for linking up! I so see Mary Kate Olsen ha!! and you're right, your friend does look just like Jessica Alba!! You got some good ones! At least you didn't get any MEN like most people haha!!

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