Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What’s In My Purse???

I love watching What’s in my Purse vlogs and seeing What’s in my Purse blogs, so I decided I would do another one because I just switched out my bag! This was REALLY hard for me, if you have seen my previous What’s In my Purse Posts You can find them Here and Here, You will see I generally go for BIG bags that I can fill up with many different items that I need but don’t really need.

I bought this purse on sale at Target, I found it on the site and will link it (in several colors) but it is not at the killer sale price online, so if you want one go to the store…. I literally paid 6.99 for this bag! Here it is in the Pink, a REALLY pretty Blue, and a neutral brown. They also have it in green purple and several other colors. 


purse 020

Inside the Side Pocket 1 I keep just one thing, A change holder I got on sale at Gordan’s for 2.99

2013-05-14 purse

Then in Side Pocket 2 I keep My light up mirror, a nail polish, either top coat or actual color (this time it is a top coat) because I cannot STAND the feeling of chipped nails, and my keys are clipped along the side of the pocket.  2013-05-14 purse1

Then I have my Perfume Pocket…. Yes I have a WHOLE pocket dedicated to perfume, I have My, My Sent bottle filled with Harvey Prince’s Skinny Chic, (I am in LOVE With Harvey Prince smells, Eau De Flirt and Hello are 2 of my other favorites) BBW Forever Red Perfume, Vicks Vapor Stick (for allergies) and BBW anti-back in Feeling Lucky which smells like Apples. purse 027

Then I have my makeup Pocket, which I guess SHOULD be called my lipstick pocket, this was also very hard for me, in my old purse I actually carried 3 filled makeup bags full of different makeup and 2 Ziploc's of lipsticks/gloss. So cutting down to a few products was painful for me.

I have from left to right, top to bottom:

Maybelline Color Vivid in Shocking Coral, Rimmel London Kate Matte in 104, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa, Revlon Color Stay Ultimate Suede in 025 Socialite, and L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Aqua’s in  188 Coral Tattoo and 184 Rose On and One

purse 028

Then I have the little Zipper pouch I have my Samsung Glide Cell in the pretty pink case that matches the purse, I have 3 Listerine breath strips packs, my travel floss picks my Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer in Fair/light that I got 50% off, Rimmel London Scandaleyes in taupe which I like/don’t like and Jordana Fabuliner in Brown as well as my Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange solid perfume.

purse 030

The BIG zippy pocket has a LOT more stuff. There are three little pockets inside, in each of those pockets I have my Poo-pourri, Advil, and my cold sore medicine (get WAY to many of them when I am stressed) my Glass cleaner and repair kit from Sunglass Hut, Allegra, and Dayquil and Dove 48 hour deodorant and Cortisone anti-itch stick. 2013-05-14 purse2

purse 035

Then I have my EOS Lip Balm in Watermelon, four pens, my little umbrella, and Julep Hand Cream, and Finally my little bag of Girl products, my mini change purse with my school ID and my Fossil Wallet. 2013-05-14 purse3

Well that is it in my Purse… What’s in your purse? If you have done or or do one I’d love to see it put your link in the comments so I can visit!!

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Mrs Swan said...

Holy CRAP! That is a LOT of stuff in one little purse! I LOVE the change thingy though. I have never seen one. That is soo cool/neat.

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