Thursday, September 17, 2015

Shop Spotlight Lillys Little Cupboard

I am Seriously spending WAY to much on my sticker obsession! I have to share a shop spotlight on Lilly's Little Cupboard!! I heard about her shop from a Facebook group and I HAD to order her Sick stickers as it is fall now and I get sick like mad in the fall! When I got onto her shop I NEEDED all of her stickers!!

The quality is AMAZING I LOVE the way she presents her stickers. Here's what I ordered!

First her freebies! LOOK at that adorable Ghost bookmark! I love the snail mail stickers!

I ordered her Halloween and Thanksgiving set as well as her Christmas set! I really like that she offers the option to have them hole punched for binder storage or just left alone.

On top of the first freebies she sent she added these Christmas Gift tags! I LOVE Christmas and having the gift tags on hand will be definitely worth it this coming season, plus they are super cute!

I adored these cooking stickers, I feel like everyone needs an adulting sticker! And these totally fit the bill for me! The take out on purpose sticker is super adorable and will have a good home in my planner!

These are more adult style stickers, I love the FML and Where's The Wine stickers!

More adulting stickers! I LOVE the quality!! The lololol No Iron sticker is my life!

These are the Stickers I actually went to Lilly's Little Cupboard, to get. I needed to get these because I have so many sick days in the fall. 

I LOVE these stickers, have you gotten anything from Lilly's Little Cupboard

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