Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Random Sadness

So Today is Keely’s RTT and usually mine are all happy and random and I do have a few of those but…. i also have some sad things. Good stuff is at the Bottom!

First I wanted to thank the people my dad works with, we were struggling on how to do thanksgiving this year and they, even though they don’t really know us just dad, got together and bought us dinner, so NCR Columbia SC you are super sweet and amazing people.


I am moving to an apartment with my mother and sister, mainly because while I do have a better relationship with my father my mom tends to need more looking after, although it seems as if my father is headed that way too.


I had to push off my big move, Amber and Eri are super happy about that, until march because of the lack of a car and the fact that we have to make this move, so I will need even more money. Kensei is pissed and I am a little disappointed but S*** happens.


I have to get rid of my dog… The apartment is charging us 300 a dog and my mother will only keep Trisha in hers and My Father refuses to have max in his, So Prue offered to take Max until I move I mean really who could get rid of the sweet 12 year old baby??DSCF1524

And While I do love my hyper baby, she is going to be a handful in the apartment:



I am going to Borrow Keely’s claim to fame for a minute and declare myself a geek girl, I am super excited that Kensei might be making me an engagement ring that looks like the Violet Corp from Green Lantern, He wants to take a stone like one of these:

carot 14725-Ruby Star

And make the jeweler design a ring around like this one, (Minus the Lighting!)


So For more happiness go see Keely for Random Tuesday Thoughts and Have a good day!!

1 comment:

Keely said...

MINUS the lightning? Well that's no fun.

Cool stones though!

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