Thursday, November 17, 2011


SO gosh where have I been lately? Honestly I’m not sure, I’ve been kind of hiding in a fog.

But now on to today’s post!!

Its Ok Thursdays




…to be thrilled that I may have found a way to see Kensei at least once a month for under $200…. actually for under $20…. but I am seriously skeptical about it. Has anyone used Is it a decent travel service?

…To desperately want this semester to be over.

… To be a little worried I haven't heard back from the universities I applied to, and therefore might be taking next semester off.

… To be dreading my Spanish class… we have a test EVERY single class from this week until the end of  semester, that’s 4 weeks of straight tests, 2 tests a week!!

… To not be able to wait until thanksgiving, even though it means I’ll be eating turkey until Christmas because I am not good with only cooking for a small number of  people

… To want today over with… to many tests, I have a 200 question test in history, a Spanish test, and a philosophy test on material we haven't finished yet... then I go to work!

…To be seriously addicted to pintrest.


Pamela said...

Good luck on your test!

Holly said...

Oh I am so with you on the pinterest thing haha. It's such an addiction, but I love it! And I'm ready for today to be over with too. So thankful next week is a short week for work :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my word ... that's a ton of tests! A friend of mine uses Megabus ... and hasn't had any complaints about it. Call the universities to check on the status!

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