Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I haven’t posted much because of a lot of issues going on. I should be able to get my dad from the hospital on Thursday, and then we have to take him to PT every day for at least the next  month.

I have had various relatives staying with us. While I am grateful to the help they have given, I want to scream. I do not handle change well, and when you decide that you do not like the way my home is decorated and change it to your liking, during an already stressful time I might freak out, and I might have a panic attack. I used to get them quite frequently, but I had been good for a few years until this past month. Also, even though my family has issues, and you are considered technically family DO NOT insult my siblings to the point where they come into my room crying. I do not like this, and I will not take it lying down, I feel like I might have alienated an Aunt because of this.

Work has not even been the usual relaxing place for me. My boss is on one of his power trips. so we are not allowed to use our computers, or the company one any longer. Plus when I get into work tonight I had a three page list of chores to do, the other employees had one or two things. I did my list and several things that were not on it, but I am of the opinion that if they do not remain clean until I return on Thursday I might hurt someone.

I will try to be a little less ranty soon. Sorry guys just needed to vent

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MariaSelf said...

Oh, Angel, it's actually great that you made this "ranty" post! I go thru this feelings so often but always keep it to myself. Your post not only made me feel I'm not alone, but also made me look at my stuff from a different angle...so thank you!!!

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