Thursday, March 07, 2013

Sweetheart Swap Reveal!

First off I am soooo sorry this is up late!! We had a loss of internet at my home and so I haven’t had any connection lately!! Katie at Life With The D’s was my partner and she sent me a rocking box!


Look at my Awesome box? 20130307_153220This cute cup came filled with yummy lollypops and candy!!

20130307_153401I love the journal and the stickers are too cute! Plus the mood pen is adorable!

Katie also has her own shop and she sent me an adorable necklace she made!

20130307_15341720130307_153432This is one of my favorite BBW scents and I can always use more BBW products! 20130307_153447Chocolate Bunny!! YUM!

20130307_153517Seriously I think Katie snuck a peek in my purse! I LOVE Vanilla softlips and burts bees!!20130307_153534

And my favorite Valentines candies and a yummy smelling solid perfume in Jasmine!


becca said...

you got seriously cool stuff "grabs chocolate bunny and runs"

Miss Angie said...

What a great package! So glad that you guys got some awesome goodies! Thanks so much for joining us!

Beth W said...

What a great box! Hopefully that made up for the lack of internet. ;)
Does the mood pen change colors as you hold it? The BBW scent sounds ahhhhmazing. And I love the Softlips Vanilla, too. Katie did a great job! And thanks for joining us. :D

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