Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Front Desk Guest Associate

I would be linking up with Hey It’s Okay today but I needed to get this off my chest.

Hello, My name is Angel and I work as  a Front Desk Guest Associate at a hotel, I have worked front desk for almost 8 years now and I have learned a few things that non hotel employees might want to take a quick peek at.

First, I work a minimum of an 8 hour shift, with no lunch break, no rest break and only occasionally get to use the restroom.

I have to be sweet, smiling and happy that entire 8 plus hour shift regardless of anything that is going on in my life, or how I feel health wise. Sometimes I work 16-18 hour shifts with only a 6 hour break to go home and sleep… so if my smile is a little fake well that’s why.

Here are some things I just want to put out there as things NOT to do.

I’ve already posted a few of these such as how to handle kids, Naked males, Drunks at night, and many other things!   

But here are some things that really irk me, particularly as I just saw a news show telling people to do these things!

1. I AM NOT here for you to talk down to, you can tell a lot about a person by the way the treat waiters and the front desk, yes my job is to provide service with a smile, but it is not for you to cuss me out and try to make me feel like crud.

2. Do not argue the price of the rooms with me. I am looking at my computer screen and the more you argue with me the more likely I will not budge or just tell you to go elsewhere, if you have AAA, AARP or Military ID I will give you those discounts not more, our AAA and AARP is 10% off, not 20, 30 or 50.

3. Unless you are handicap DO NOT ask for the handicap room, especially on busy nights. I don’t care if the news told you they were more spacious, they are so that people in wheelchairs can maneuverer, I hate having to tell the actual handicap guests that I don’t have an accessible room because you wanted more space.

4. DO NOT call me honey, baby, sweetie, doll, doll face, hot stuff or anything else along those lines, I am not dating you or your groupie, it is really disrespectful.

5. On that same note, do not ask me to join you in your room. I don’t want to, am not allowed to, and could honestly loose my job just because you asked me to if another guest hears and mentions it to my boss.

and the thing that sparked this post.

6. I do not under ANY circumstances need to know about your masturbatory habits. I do not need you to come up to the desk every 30 min to tell me you just finished… umm enjoying yourself, I do not need details, I do not need you to bring up your porn to the desk to try and show me. I don’t care that you are a super amazing elite member of our guest rewards program…. it makes me uncomfortable, particularly when I am the only employee in the hotel on the audit shift and is harassment.


I love my job, but some times I just don’t understand people….


Anonymous said...

No breaks for 8 hours?! How do you do it?

Anonymous said...

oh girl, I feel you. I worked at a front desk of a hotel and hated it. i've never actually had someone come up to me telling me he "finished".....that's a little too much >.<

Emmy said...

Holy crap what is wrong with people! Can't believe that guy in number 6- ewe and wrong on so many levels. Wow

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