Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Holy Cow Batman! RTT

Holy Cow Batman! I now have 16 followers!!! I love you guys! You make me feel so super special!


Remember to go look at the wonderful Keely's Amazing and wondrous blog for more RTT awesome fun.

Jujube's Eleventh birthday was on Friday. We went to Carowinds. I got a sunburn. Fun!

Sadly Mr. Linky has passed on... *moment of silence* and we are done.

I am going to Jujube's Graduation from fifth grade tomorrow. She is happy, and has agreed to let me curl her hair before I go to work tonight. *Evil Villain Laugh* I love to make her look like Shirley Temple.

Air Force got into the Army summer camp. He will be at Ft. Jackson for two weeks. Last time he went he fractured his ankle. I am hoping that he will do better this time, because well.. he wants to join the Air Force.

School Advisement starts on Monday. Wow... I feel like i just got out of last semester and now I have to make my final advisement appointment so that I can get my Associates.

I think I shouldn't have waited a year to go to school, I am WAY behind all of my high school classmates. They are all done with Bachelor's and moving on to Graduate school. I am just about to transfer to a real university.

I don't trust people who run either.

Well that's it for me folks! Have a good week and remember to stop by Keely's to check out more random wonder!


otin said...

In the carolinas, people that run usually have cops running after them haha!

Cara said...

Good for you for finishing up school! I never did & most days I don't regret it because I would rather be at home with the kids & I cannot even imagine what our student loan debt would be if I had mine added in with Chase's.

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