Monday, January 09, 2012

Back To Class

Today is the first day of the last semester at the technical college I am attending. I will be hopefully attending a university starting fall semester, preferably in Memphis.

 I had a great start to the first day of classes. I got stuck in an elevator for 20 mins. I had to park at the top of the parking garage so I got in the elevator, and this girl joined me when we got down to level 4. We hit ground level and the elevator just stopped, all the lights went off and the door's wouldn't open and she had a melt down, I was standing there reaching for the service phone when she went off on all the ways we were going to die, from the elevator crashing (again we were on the ground floor) or the possibility that zombies had taken over and that was why the elevator was stopped.

I called security and we were let out in 20 mins, but that was a wonderful way to start the day. By the way she wouldn't calm down, even after they opened the doors and we got out she was still freaking out.

The rest of my day went pretty peacefully, seems like at least on Mondays and Wensday's I'll have good professors and interesting classes.

How was ya'lls day?


Leah. said...

I don't know what I'll do when I get stuck inside an elevator..It is kinda scary. I'm pretty sure I'll freak out, too.

My day's boring..

Emmy said...

Wow! What a way to start the day! And that girl needs to stop watching so many moves or something!

Karen said...

Wow.. that sounds a little intense! Way to freak out.. hah. Must have been pretty entertaining but she really was not helping the situation- silly girl! I think she has been watching too many zombie movies!

<3 Karen from

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