Thursday, January 05, 2012

Hey It's Okay New Year!

Its Ok Thursdays

So I am linking up with Amber and Neely again.

So Hey It's Okay...

To be dreading and dying for classes to start.

To be kind of annoyed that I have to work on my day off.

To be excited that my blog turns 3 years old in 13 days!

To be WAY behind on my 365 photo project. I've been taking the pictures just not posting them! I think I'll post at the end of each week it might be easier that way!

To still not be happy with my hair color and be dying it again on my next day off.

To have sent off letters to my pen-pals yesterday! 

To REALLY need some running shoes so I can start attempting to run.

To plan to sneak into the gym at another college in my neighborhood so I can use their pool.


Sam said...

Happy 3-year blogoversary!

becca said...

great list to be okay about i like that you have en pal i lvoe to hand write notes

Cait said...

yay happy 3 years!

Ashley said...

Happy 3 year (almost) anniversary! That is so exciting! And I love that you may or may not sneak in to use the pool. I am a broke college student as well and I can totally relate. Sometimes a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do!

Excited to be a new follower! :)

Amanda said...

Oh my ... so many of these I could've written myself!! Happy 3 years!

Mary said...

wow three years.. that is awesome! good luck into sneaking into the other college's gym.

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