Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I just don’t know what to say….

So today I would normally be linking up with its okay Thursday but I am not… because well honestly I just don’t have it in me to put on a happy face today.

I am VERY close with my Father and I am still in shock I think honestly.

We left my house on Tuesday morning to drive up to Charlotte and pick up a motorcycle for him. He was super excited because it was the first bike he would have since my baby sister was born,  and I was excited because him having a bike meant that I could have his car for my move to Memphis.

Everything went fine until the trip back home we were about 30 min from Columbia when the bike malfunctioned and he lost control at 70 miles an hour and hit the side of the road, the grass and then the ditch. I was behind him in the car and saw it happen, his bike flipped three times, he was on the bike for two of the flips and the third threw him off and the bike landed on his ankle. I was scared and screaming in the car, I slammed on the brakes and ran to where he was laying screaming, He was conscious when I got there and I held it together long enough to call 911. I told the operator where we were, what happened and she said she would alert an ambulance and get them to us. then she hung up. That’s pretty much when I lost it. I thought 911 was supposed to stay on the line until help arrived and I was standing on the side of the express way with my daddy in the dirt and no clue how to help him.

By the time the highway patrol arrived I was in the middle of a full blown panic attack, my dad was barely conscious and I couldn’t speak in complete sentences. The only complete sentence I could get out was “He’s had bikes since he was 18 and never had an accident.” I was able to explain and the ambulance arrived, put splints on him and took him to the trauma hospital, where I sat with him from 5pm until they moved him up to the Critical Care Center at 4 am, and made me leave.

I can’t help feeling this is partially my fault, if I hadn’t been so excited to get his car, maybe he wouldn’t have gotten that bike and maybe he wouldn’t be in the hospital right now.

At last check they said he had a concussion, broken bones in his neck, broken ribs and severely broken wrist and ankle. as well as bruising on his lungs. I don’t know how much I am going to be around but I will try to keep you guys updated and even though I don’t normally talk about religion on my blog I would appreciate any thoughts or prayers to whomever you all believe in.



Joslin said...

Lots of prayers for your dad and your family. He's so lucky you were there to call 9-11. You're a rockstar for holding it together long enough to make that call. I can't believe the operator hung up! I'm angry for you about that.

Beth said...

*hugs* I just cannot thoughts are with your father, and you. It's a miracle he survived that, and didn't end up in a coma or anything, which makes me think that maybe he's meant to heal through this. NONE OF THIS IS YOUR FAULT. You didn't cause the bike to veer off the road, and you didn't break his bones, so blaming yourself for that won't accomplish anything. This is the time to call friends and get assistance with the necessary things. Know that we're pulling for him over here (including my boyfriend, who works at Harley Davidson, and his crew).

Miss Angie said...

Oh honey, I am sooooo sorry and I'm sending love and good luck your way in hopes that everything turns out fine! Know that you have our support!

Anonymous said...

oh sweetie, tons of prayers for your dad and family. that's an absolutely scary thing to witness. please keep us updated <3

Lisa Williams said...

Oh heavens. I have chills reading your story. I am so sorry to hear this happened. We are a biker family and I pray for our safety every time the key is in the ignition. It's no one's fault, nothing could be done, doesnt matter if it was his first ride of his 100th ride, accidents happen. To hear about it was terrible, but to witness it, I couldnt imagine. I was in a car behind my husband when he hit a wet spot on our street and dumped the bike, I cant imagine what you went through. I am so sorry for that. I am going to keep you and your dad in my prayers. God is good and everything is going to work out for his Will. Hang in there.

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