Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I have an issue with adult supervision.

I know that I might be overreacting but I have something I need to get off my chest. My little sister Jujube went on a church retreat this past weekend. (That’s not my problem)

She had a lot of fun, but my issue is that while she was there for the weekend one night the Youth Director and one of the Chaperone parents decided that it would be “funny” to get the teens and young children to do some of the Challenges that are viral right now, The Ice challenge, the Cinnamon Challenge, The chili Challenge etc. I have a problem with this because as adults I don’t think they should be encouraging this type of behavior, let alone video taping and putting it on the internet and also they were putting the children under their care into danger KNOWINGLY!

I found out when the Youth Director Tagged Jujube in a video of the Cinnamon Challenge on Facebook. I was shocked that an adult was egging these kids on, and so I went online to the news sites and looked up the side effects that the Cinnamon Challenge has caused.

2nd degree burns to the lungs, collapsed lungs, kids on ventilators for their lives, permanent scaring of the lung tissue, just to name a few.

My sister is a runner, she runs cross country as well as track, she also plays softball and basketball and is trying to get a cross country scholarship to college. I find it disgusting that an adult would jeopardize her chances, as well as possibly taking away something she loves doing.

Oh I know my sister is a teen, she is 14 and should know better, but when a trusted adult tells you to do something, do you REALLY question it?

What REALLY makes me angry is I responded to the Facebook video, with facts and a gentle admonishment for my sister about the fact that as a runner she needs to be careful about what is placed in her lungs and the Youth Director replied with this.

“Thank you to everyone who is watching out for our kids. It's great to know that so many people care about there health and safety. No one was injured during this video and the kids learned that it was a stupid thing to do. That's two thumbs up”

This is a direct quote, NO one was injured during this video and the kids learned that it was a stupid thing to do. This makes me angry. She is not taking responsibility for her actions. I have refrained myself from commenting on Facebook because I would probably loose my cool but I want to respond with “Oh so everyone learned a lesson, that’s great, so next trip let’s give them cocaine and so they learn that drugs are bad, or how about some beers and let them drive so they learn drunk driving is bad, or maybe a pack of cigarettes so they learn not to smoke!”

Do you all think I am overreacting? Opinions please? What would you do in that situation?”


Beth W said...

I'd sue the shit out of them for putting up videos of underage kids without their parents/guardians' permission. Hello, illegal! Stupid that they encouraged risky behavior, and also that they put it on the internet....as the internet is forever, and this BS could haunt them for years.

Martha said...

Let's just take one part first: the posting of 14-y.o. kids on YouTube without permission...WRONG.
You are totally in the right for calling the youth director out, and this statement: "No one was injured during this video and the kids learned that it was a stupid thing to do" is BS. Director got caught red handed...
No one does something dumb and then tells people they did it to show that it's dumb.

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