Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Little Known Facts About Me!

So I noticed that a lot of people have been posting the Facebook tag that has been going around. You like someone’s status and they give you a number, then you reveal that amount of little known facts about you. So Here goes mine!

I got the number 9: So here are 9 things not well known about me:
1. I must must must wash my hands at least twice after touching change... the smell that change leaves on my hands makes me sick..
2. My first crush was Han Solo, my second was Prince Adam from Beauty and The Beast.
3. I desperately wanted to be an actress when I was younger. I would audition for any play I could get a ride too.
4. I think my singing voice is not the greatest. but that doesn’t stop me from singing all over the place!
5. I still listen to the songs from the VERY first cassette tapes I every got. Julie Brown's Goddess in Progress and New Kids On The Block.
6. I have serious stress issues that I cause myself because I feel the need to stress and worry about everything and everyone.
7. I do not have a proper mental-mouth filter; I tend to speak way before I think.
8. I was a Vegetarian for a while as a child and still enjoy some of the vegetarian foods!

9. I name my electronic devices and my cars… I have never had a computer without a name or a car, my currents are Malina (Laptop) and Nikki (car)


Your turn!! What are 4 little known things about you?

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