Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh Hush 12:10 in the Morning is Tuesday!



It is 12:10 am and that makes today Tuesday and that makes it time for Random Tuesday Thoughts With Keely!!!


I don’t think well when I am sleepy.

These are the thoughts I just had, while having a conversation with Kensei…


I have a pillow,

him: ok

Its fluffy


i can’t breathe with it on my face

that happens when you try to suffocate yourself

hmm its Tuesday


i need to go to the couch


the computer is there


Although I could bring the laptop here…


I need to stop cussing


end conversation (well as of now)


Its been a while  since the last RTT that I did, I am glad to be getting back into blogging again.


Did you know that Twilight was being made into a graphic novel?? yes you can order the Manga that will have all the girls swooning.. well the preteen ones anyways, I might get it because it’s on sale for 10.00 and I like Manga…


So my friends JUST texted me to ask me to txt her step-father a random txt… so this is a morning for random.


I changed my blog layout and I like this one the girl is very pretty and it is reflecting the mood I have been in lately.


Okay so that’s the end of my Early morning Randomness I hope you enjoyed it! Drop on over to Keely’s and see other people’s Random Thoughts too!!


Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Ahhhh...so the trick to breathing with a fluffy pillow is not to try to suffocate yourself with it...got it! ;)

I like the new blog layout, the girl in the picture is very pretty!

Ginny Marie said...

I can't think straight when I'm tired, either...and that's why my blog posts are often pretty lame!

I like your new layout, too!

Katherine (a.k.a. Katie) Corrigan said...

I like your new blog layout it looks great! Well at least you didn't try and eat the pillow ( big fluffy marshmallow) giggle,. Get some rest.

mean_owen said...

I must confess, I've never read a graphic novel. (Comic books yes, but not the graphic kind.) One of my teenage nieces sure does (or did) like them.

I wonder if there is a graphic version of "War and Peace"?

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