Thursday, June 17, 2010

Avoiding Temptation


So I have talked about him before, My One That Got Away, The one who Danced with me my first prom, My best guy friend, and big brother.

I haven’t seen him since his daughter was born, She is beautiful. He called me today, as he was pulling down the parking lot to see if I wanted to go out. We went to Waffle House.. Our old hang out and talked.

He told me he is most likely not going to marry his daughter Roura’s mom, that he can’t find someone who thinks he is a good person.  This made me a little angry, He is my best friend, I hate when people talk down to him because of his past or how he was raised. And I told him so. He is a good person, and he laughed a little and said that yeah he might be good, but people never seem to consider him “Husband Material” or “good enough” then he asked if I would marry him. It has been a long standing joke in our families that eventually Mark and I would marry. We both laughed it off when we were younger because I knew how he was and he new how I was. But this time I answered yes and thought about it as I did.

Mark is a great father, and he loves that little girl. He also is a decent boyfriend at least until he gets bored or feels trapped, then he has to go out and find someone else, which has always been our compatibility problem. I am an always faithful type of girl, and he’s not.

I joked with him that if Kensei ever dumps me and he still wants a wife I would marry him, and he laughed.

Then when he left after two hours of conversation I started what ifing again and like I have said before they are nice but dangerous.

This is probably my stressing because of my loss of a job and the fact that Kensei is four states away, but sometimes I wonder what would have been ya know?


Julie said...

To be honest, if he is the kind of guy who always needs to move on to someone new then it's probably a bad idea to even contemplate being with him. I know it's hard when you care for someone though.


Lisa said...

That is a predicament for sure. Think with your head and not your heart. Your heart will deceive so you cannot follow it, you have to lead it. I hope that helps.

Raven said...

It's hard not to wonder what woulda been. The key is to decide what would make you happiest and go with that.

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