Tuesday, June 15, 2010

RRT So How’s Life?



Okay so my pity me phase is over, I still don’t have a job, or a prospect, but I am okay with it.


I love summer, the pools, the sun, the cute little kids that make you want to hug them!


I like to listen to and watch sappy music, movies… there is nothing wrong with that!


I found some of my bento items in a box the other day! I was so happy! Here’s what they looked like after I washed them! Jasons thingy 043

Half of the lids are broken, but I am okay with it!


I have real Internet again, not hacking on to other peoples web net, but real wireless!!


I might make a bento tomorrow because I have my things!


I hope you all have a great week! Stop on by Keely’s so that you can see more great randomness!


Lisa said...

Great random thoughts, still praying for your job situation.
You are invited to check out my new blog, my main blog will take you there, it may be something you are interested in....also it could be a job prospect.

Lisa said...

Thank you for checking out my new blog, good luck in the contest. If you are really interested in the product and wish to try it, I will probably be sending out more sample than just one. I want everyone to try this excellent skin care system.

WhisperingWriter said...

I've never heard of Bento stuff before.

I listen and watch sappy stuff too.

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