Tuesday, July 13, 2010

High School….


Blog Bash


Wow lets see what I remember about high school… I think I am going to tell the Great Big Purse of Everything story.


As I mentioned in my Introduction, I take my purse EVERYWHERE, in HS I had a cute little jean bag with pink Glitter Butterflies and Hot pink lining. I LOVED LOVED LOVED that purse. I could fit everything and the kitchen sink in that purse!  I had a brick (for protection,) At least two soda bottles, once romance novel, two wallets, three ids, enough pills for a drug store, and an office’s worth of glittery pens, and that purse wasn’t even that big!


I had a large group of people that I hung out with, and Only a few of us were Seniors and able to go get lunch. So my friend and I got everyone’s orders  and went to Wendy’s for burgers. We ordered about 30 burgers and fries to take back, when they started to hand us the bags I knew we would never make it to the courtyard with just the two of us carrying them, so I started loading the burgers in to the Great Big Purse of Everything, and while the manager gaped in awe I fit all 30 into the purse.

When we got to the courtyard i just passed around my purse for the food.


So there’s one of my memories from high school, what about yours? what do you remember? make sure you stop by Brittany Ciara’s and see what other memories people dragged up!


Brittany C said...

How funny! lol My purse turns into a Barney Bag occasionally too! :D

Thanks for playing & good luck!

Amy said...

hey there from blog bash!! this is such a cute story.

Alex said...

great story!
ive had a bag like that too

Sparkling said...

My sister had an everything bag like that and called it "the car bag" because she always took it in her car. She had everything in it but I am pretty sure she never carried a brick.

Donda said...

HOLY MOLY! I thought I could cram alot of crap in my purse!

VandyJ said...

Just wait until you can pull a diaper, several toys and snacks and still have room for the wallet and your phone. And know where everything is to boot--I call mine mommy's bag off tricks--perfect for keeping antsy kids occupied during restaurant waits and long lines.

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