Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What’s My Song??

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I don’t know If I can pick just one song… lol.

Well In high school (in reference to my last post) my theme song was ‘Cause I’m A Blonde by Julie Brown:

I couldn’t get a embedded video of it but if you Click Here you can watch it!


Now my theme would probably be a few different songs:

But right now I am thinking that I am closest to the Song from the new Disney Movie Princess and the Frog:


I would say it represents me right now because I work a lot, and well everything I do, or consider doing is revolving around getting where I want to be, and doing what I want to be doing in the future!

And like she says at the beginning, I don’t have time for “dancing, that’s just gonna have to wait a while” because the quicker I can get what I need the quicker I can get to Memphis and in my new school!

Make sure you stop by Brittany Ciara’s so that you can see other people theme songs!!


dot said...

I like your song and it is great to her someone talk about their goals and ambitions. I'm sure you will go far

Brittney said...

great song choice :) keep working at it and you'll reach ur goals

Brittany C said...

What a great song to choose! :)

Thanks for playing and goodluck!

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