Sunday, June 26, 2011

30 Day Challenge Day 6 Super Hero's

So I thought and thought and thought about this one, Batman because well he’s awesome? Green Lantern because of the magic glowing ring? So I decided on two, Because I couldn’t pick just one,

First is a conventional Hero-

Batman, I mean he has no powers, no alien backstory, and still fights crime and looks good doing it!!


I mean Come on he’s cute, smart and rich a girl wouldn’t have to settle for him!!

And because I did Love Green Lantern Growing up here’s what happens when Batman got one!!!



And my second Favorite Superhero isn’t quite a hero exactly…. but It’s Doctor Who… I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show, I love The Doctor, and I will admit to bawling like an infant in a ball at the end of season 2.  He’s smart, dangerous, funny, and just seems like the type to draw you in.. I think I can honestly say if the Tardis showed up in front of me and The Doctor asked me to go with him, I would in a second, a millisecond, I don’t even think I’d think twice. history-doctor-who-tardis-10-history-demotivational-poster-1257123309s2generic

So Who’s your Favorite Hero???


The Suburban Princess said...

I gotta go with Batman! (OMG, I never would have cared until I married a superhero geek. LMAO)

Jessica said...

i went to your blog to thank you for commenting on mine ... and see rose and the doctor! *big sigh* lol.

thanks for visiting ... and your blog is great too!! :)

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