Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 Random Songs

So I got bored tonight and decided that I would turn on my Sony Walkman and turn it to random mode and post the first 10 songs and what I think about them.


First song:

1. The Big Bang 2—A Doctor Who song, it made me smile when I heard it, and the Oh My God He’s Wearing A Fez verse always makes me giggle.

2. Unapologize—Carrie Underwood, it’s a song that seems to always come on to fit my mood.

3. Mambo No 5—Lou Bega, this song makes me dance, and something about it always brightens my day, I mean come on I bet you are humming it now.

4. Never Knew I Needed—Ne-Yo from Princess and the Frog, it is such a sweet song.

5. Good Night Demon Slayer—Voltaire, have you heard this song?? I am linking it because it is a really interesting song, plus I am teaching myself the violin part.

6. Baby, You’ve Got What It Takes—Michael Buble, I love old style songs like this!

7. The DJ Is Mine—Wonder Girls, Gotta have some KPop I am glad this song came on, it’s catchy and sticks in your head

8. What A Comforting Thing To Know—Richard Chamberlain, I would have seriously been shocked if no musicals came up, considering at least 600 of my 868 songs are from a musical of some kind.

9. Year 3000—Jonas Brothers, yes I have them, but only this song and poor unfortunate souls, I just liked the beat.

10. Pretty Fly For A White Guy—Offspring classic song that still makes me laugh.


So what’s on your IPod, or MP3 player? first 10 random songs and no cheating, although if you do we won’t know! Please let me know if you do this one I’d love to see everyone's!


becca said...

10 random songs from my ipod

1. I will not say goodbye by Danny Gokey

2. I will..but by SHeDaisy

3. The right kind of Wrong by LeAnne Rimes

4. turn on the Radio by Reba

5.Romeo by Dolly Parton

6.Settlin by sugarland

7. I will by Jimmy wayne

8. Breathe by ryan star

9. She;s Not just a pretty face by Shania Twain

10. Through the years by Kenny rogers

Ashley K said...

Mambo no5 and Pretty fly for a white guy! Those were two awesome songs back then :)

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