Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hey It’s Okay

Its Ok Thursdays

So I have had a very stressy week, so I might be off on some tangents this week for Hey it’s okay

It’s Okay…..

To be very angry with Airforce….. He got in an accident in my car ( no injuries just him speeding while it was raining) and THEN parked my car in a Tow zone and got it towed today…

To have tried very hard not to scream when I was told the cost of the Tow, which I will have to pay for because Airforce, does not have and is not looking for a job.

To be in LOVE with the 2 new Skin79 BB creams I got, I still love Hot Pink, but now I have the Hot Orange and VIP Gold as well.

To still be looking forward to my move even though there is SO much to do that I haven’t even started.

To be actually planning on going to the GYM Friday morning.

To be going to the gym ALONE!

To have decided to do the 50 Questions That will Free Your Mind, that I have seen on Amber’s and Melissa’s Blogs. Although I plan to do it in parts.

To still be REALLY scared about not having a job lined up when I move to Memphis.


So what’s okay with you this week?


Nicole said...

Love your layout! Very cute.

Sorry about your car! & $$ I cannot spare a dime these days! lol I would be LIVID!

Following =D

Shanley said...

I love this-- one of my favorite sections in Glamour is the "It's Okay.." bit. :)
I'm going to say it's okay to read only romance novels for a month straight-- it's summer!

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